How do we manage and recruitement drivers

Step 1 – Pre-Interview by Branch Operation Officer

Our Branch Operation Officer will interview a candidate who are qualified for the driver position.

Step 2 – Feedback by Branch Operation Officer

All feedback upon pre – interview will be submitted via report to HQ office and qualified candidate will be selected.

Step 3 – Checking Summons and Examine candidate background at previous company by Operation Dept / HRA

Our Operation Dept and Human Resource will examine the selected candidate at the previous company and checking summons will be done accordingly.

Step 4 – Driving Test – Operation Department

Candidate will do a driving test skill on handling bus on the road and to determine the efficiency on driving methods.

Step 5 – Interview and Overview of Job Scope, Work procedure and “Driving Ethics Code (LPKP) by Top Management OPR/HRA

Selected candidate will be interviewed by COO / Manager and will be explain further on the Job Scope, Working Procedure and also overview of ” Driving Ethics Code by LPKP

Step 6 – Medical Treatment – Panel Clinic

Candidate will be check up by our Panel Clinic for Medical Treatment ie: Urine, ecg, Blood pressure and etc. It is a compulsory that all selected candidate must have an excellent health to become a bus driver.

Step 7 – Accepted an Offer Letter

A successful candidate then will be offering a job as a Full time driver after all the above steps has been fulfilled.

Step 8 – Induction for Safety Session by SHE Department

Finally, our driver will be attending a induction session for Safety by our SHE Manager. Here we will elaborate more on Safety of buses, passenger and others related matter.